LWC is proud of its participation in conference and public presentations throughout the state and country. Below is a list of presentations that LWC staff members have led or joined.

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  • Be Prepared: AICP Examination Preparation

APA Arizona, 2017, Fort McDowell, AZ

  • Planning Ethics

PA Arizona, 2017, Fort McDowell, AZ

  • Betting on the Future of Downtown Las Vegas

APA Nevada, 2017, Carson City, NV

  • Successful Implementation Strategies on California's Working Waterfronts

APA California, 2017, Sacramento, CA

  • Successful Implementation Strategies from our Nation's Working Waterfronts

New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, 2017, St. Louis, MO

  • Your New Form-Based Code Didn't Come with an Owner's Guide?

APA California, 2016, Pasadena, CA

  •  Form Based Code Misconceptions: Making FBC's Meaningful and Effective  

APA California, 2016, Pasadena, CA

  •  Global Cities in an Era of Change

CRE/RICS/SPIRE Global Symposium, 2016, Stanford Campus, CA

  • Reed v. Town of Gilbert: One Year Later

APA, 2016, Online Webinar

  • How Form-Based Codes are Transforming Southwestern Cities

APA National, 2016, Phoenix, AZ

  • Effective Zoning for Walkable Urbanism

APA National, 2016, Phoenix, AZ

  • Best Practices When Regulating Signs after Reed vs. Town of Gilbert

APA New Jersey, 2016

  • Next Generation Specific Plan for Vallejo

APA California, 2015, Oakland, CA

  • Incremental TOD Strategies: Downtown Petaluma SMART Station Area Plan

APA California, 2015, Oakland, CA

  •  Resume Building and Networking for Students, Recent Graduates, and Emerging Environmental and Planning Professionals

APA California, 2015, Santa Barbara, CA

  • Best Practices for Regulating Signs

APA Arizona, 2015

  • Mixed Feelings on Mixed-Use Revitalizing the Underutilized

APA California, 2014, Anaheim, CA

  • Fairy Tales in a Planning Career: Finding Your Happily Ever After

APA California, 2014, Anaheim, CA

  • Undergrounding Partnership & SCE's Rule 20 

Eastern Sierra Planners Meeting, 2014, Mammoth Lakes, CA

  • Wresting with RHNA and Articulating Density through Form Based Codes

APA California, 2013, Visalia, CA

  • Getting Practical: Sociocultural Dimensions of and Considerations for Working Waterfronts

National Working Waterfront and Waterways Symposium, 2013, Tacoma, WA

  • Essential Components of the 21st Century Community: Housing for the "Missing Middle"

New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, 2012, San Diego, CA

  • Form-Based Codes: A Tale of Two Cities

APA Arizona, 2012

  • Tools and Tips for Successful Public Engagement

APA Arizona, 2012

  • Combining Form-Based and Conventional Code Elements

APA National, 2012, Los Angeles, CA

  • California Commercial Fisheries, Past & Present of a Valuable Resource

Maritime History Conference, 2010, San Diego, CA

  •  Flagstaff's Extreme Makeover

APA Arizona, 2010

  • Creating a Development Code that Defaults to Sustainable Urbanism

APA California, 2010, Carlsbad, CA