LWC is dedicated to improving the performance of communities and coastal industries through sound land use policy, well-researched market strategies and feasible economic revitalization alternatives. Our market and financial reports always draw from a wide variety of source information to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness. This includes industry-specific reports, market forecasts, census and BLS data, quarterly real estate data, stakeholder input, and locally-specific development costs.


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First Street Corridor Land Use Conversion study

CITY OF LIVERMORE  |  2015 - 2016 

LWC was hired by the City of Livermore to assess the potential land use conversion of a 42-acre area near its downtown intended to balance and diversify the City’s economic base while acknowledging its residential and environmental concerns. 

LWC directed the Study's regulatory consistency analysis, land use supply and demand assessments, fiscal and discretionary spending analyses, infrastructure capacity recommendations, and report preparation, as well as project management. Community outreach was a crucial aspect of the project, for which LWC conducted more than 20 interviews with business and property owners, distributed a survey, and facilitated a public community meeting. 

View the report here.

Harbor Terrace Development Feasibility Analysis  

PORT San Luis Harbor District  |  2008 - 2009

LWC was retained by the Port San Luis Harbor District to update and refine a financial model aimed at determining the financial feasibility for the development and operation of the 26-acre Harbor Terrace site, which will feature a mix of visitor serving and coastal-dependent uses.

The financial feasibility analysis focused on the evaluation of investment alternatives for the Harbor District including: timing of cash flows, wealth creation, ownership structures such as ground leases versus fee sales, a preliminary operating pro forma and ten-year cash flow statement. LWC conducted a comprehensive regional study on the demand and existing supply of RV-serving uses, tent camping, retail, and soft structures such as yurts. Based on these findings, LWC proposed a pricing and profitability profile of each visitor serving use option to determine the most efficient and attractive combination.

View the project website here.

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CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO  |  February 2012 - October 2012                                         

LWC, in partnership with Seifel Consulting, Inc., was retained by the City of San Luis Obispo, California to prepare a five-year goal- and metric-driven Economic Development Strategic Plan. The Plan recommended strategies to address the City’s major economic goals, including the goal of creating more “head-of-household” jobs.

The team conducted significant public outreach and economic analysis to examine opportunities, challenges, and existing conditions, including demographics, resources and partnerships, in the community. The analysis included an extensive review of the City’s development review process and fees.

View the report here.


LWC Projects with Market & Financial Components, 2006 - Present

  • Alameda County, CA, Ashland Cherryland Business District Specific Plan and Code
  • Burlingame, CA, Market Analysis
  • Benicia, CA, Mixed-Use Master Plan and Form Based Code
  • Cincinnati, OH, Code, Comprehensive Plan, Economic Element
  • Coastal Community Builders, CA, San Luis Ranch Specific Plan
  • Grover Beach, CA, Zoning Code Update and West Grand Ave. Master Plan
  • Fort Bragg, CA, Groundfish Market Assessment and Strategy
  • University of Hawaii, HI, Infrastructure Master Plan
  • Hermosa Beach, CA, General Plan / Coastal Land Use Plan Update
  • Kingsburg, CA, Development Code Update, and Economic Study
  • Livermore, CA, General Plan Land Use Conversion Study
  • Local Government Commission, CA, Local Funding Guide
  • Long Beach, CA, Coastal Hotel Market Study
  • Port of Long Beach, Economic Cost Benefit Analysis Facility Upgrade
  • Los Angeles, CA, Terminal Island Land Use Plan
  • Malibu, CA, Local Implementation Plan Update
  • Menlo Park, CA, Analysis of Initiative to Amend Camino Real Downtown Specific Plan
  • Merced, CA, Bellevue Community Plan
  • Monterey, CA, Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Report
  • Moraga, CA,  Downtown Specific Plan Implementation
  • Morro Bay, CA, Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Reporth
  • National Marine Fisheries Service, CA, West Coast Albacore Fishing Industry Movement of Goods Report
  • Ojai, CA, Short-Term Transient Rentals White Paper & Facilitated Workshop
  • Petaluma, CA, SMART Rail Station Plan: TOD Master Plan
  • Piedras Blancas, CA, Motel Feasibility Study and Design Alternative
  • Port of San Diego, CA, Economic Revitalization Plan
  • Port San Luis Harbor District, CA, Harbor Terrace Campground Development Feasibility Analysis and Entitlements
  • Port San Luis Harbor District, CA, Economic Impact Report
  • Richmond, CA, Liveable Corridors Plan
  • Richmond, CA, Richmond Bay Specific Plan
  • San Diego Port District, CA, Economic Revitalization and Coastal Public Access Plan
  • San Diego Port District, CA, Commerical Fisheries Revitalization Plan
  • San Luis Obispo, CA, Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • San Luis Obispo, CA, San Luis Ranch Specific Plan
  • Seaside CA, General Plan Update Market Study
  • Soledad, CA, Vision Program and Downtown Specific Plan
  • Tesoro Viejo, CA, Financial Model and Meeting
  • Tuolumne, CA, Big Oak Flat Village Economic Impact Analysis