New Funding Strategies for Community Improvements


New Funding Strategies for Community Improvements (2015) is a guidebook co-authored by LWC and the Local Government Commission (LGC, The guidebook outlines effective and innovative strategies for California cities and communities to attract funding for capital projects, incubate small businesses, and train local workforces. This California Endowment-funded project is aimed at building healthier, more resilient communities, and included five workshops around the state during which the LWC-LGC Team presented funding strategies, case studies, and gathered feedback from civic leaders, community groups, agencies, and development community representatives.

The guidebook is a succinct, informative and easy-to-use resource for jurisdictions that are committed to the implementation of key policies and programs. Funding strategies highlighted in the guidebook include:

  • Business Improvement Districts,
  • Community Development Corporations,
  • Community Benefit Agreements and Programs,
  • Crowdfunding,
  • Social Impact Bonds,
  • Tax Credits,
  • Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts, and
  • Community Development Financial Institutions.