Since our inception, LWC has had a focus on coastal communities and working waterfronts, helping them to develop feasible industry strategies and economic planning that implement the community vision and preserve this important piece of California's heritage. The LWC team brings to these waterfront projects technical expertise in economics, finance, accounting, land use planning, architecture and cultural anthropology.

Our work on past projects have led directly to the investment and implementation of important infrastructural projects including the rebuilding of Pier 4 and establishment of an ice machine and fisherman’s market in San Diego's Driscoll’s Harbor, a new fish processing plant in Los Angeles' Terminal Island, and the establishment of a Community Quota Fund in Monterey.

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Cold storage Facility Demand And Feasibility Analysis

EUREKA, CA  |  February - September 2015

LWC was hired as part of a team led by Greenway Partners (Arcata, CA) to assess the feasibility and and options of a cold storage facility in the City of Eureka, intended to bolster the City's waterfront industries. LWC was responsible for assessing level and type of demand for such a facility, potential funding sources for construction, and an operations pro forma and cash flow analysis. The project also included siting and design alternatives, and potential ownership structure options.

As part of the project, LWC conducted a web-based survey, in addition to personal interviews and field visits, to assess potential user groups and assess demand.

View the report here.

Community Sustainability Plans

MORRO BAY AND MONTEREY, CA  |  August 2012 - April 2014

LWC was retained by the Cities of Morro Bay and Monterey, through a Grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Fisheries Innovation Fund, to create
Community Sustainability Plans (CSP’s) for each of the cities.

The CSP's assess the social and economic relationships of the Cities' marine-dependent industries with the greater community. Industries assessed include commercial and recreational fishing, aquaculture, eco tourism, and marine construction.  

The ultimate goal of the CSP’s is to guide harbor managers, civic leaders, and industry leaders to prioritize measures that sustain and bolster the working waterfront. The CSP's have helped to implement the formation of a Business Improvement District, a feasibility assessment of a boatyard and haulout facility, and the development of a Community Quota Fund.

View the Morro Bay report here.

View the Monterey report here.

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Commercial Fisheries Revitalization Plan

PORT OF SAN DIEGO, CA  |  2008 - 2010

LWC was retained by the Port of San Diego, as part of a $500,000 Coastal Conservancy-funded project, to lead a comprehensive economic analysis focusing on site conditions at Driscoll’s Wharf and Tuna Harbor.

The work addressed opportunities and constraints facing the local commercial fishing industry. It included comparisons of economic indicators to state and national trends, infrastructure conditions, a demand and distribution chain analysis, earnings trends, import and export trends, case studies of other ports, potential management entities, and an overview of regulations and their impacts. LWC conducted 150+ hours of one-on-one interviews for the Project, including time with local distributors, processors, restauranteurs, and retailers. 

The Project culminated with an Implementation Plan, which identified priorities and provided timelines, budgets, roles and responsibilities, funding options, and metrics for successful implementation. Over $400,000 has since been invested in implementing top priorities, including the rebuilding of Pier 4 and the establishment of an ice machine and cold storage facility.

View the Background Report here.

View the Implementation Plan here.



LWC Working Waterfront Projects, 2006 - Present:

  • Environmental Defense Fund, Pacific Sardine Fishery Analysis
  • Eureka, CA, Cold Storage Facility Feasibility Analysis
  • Fort Bragg Groundfish Association, CA, Market Assessment and Strategy
  • Giovanni's Fish Market CMP, First Receiver Catch Monitoring Program
  • Long Beach, CA, Port of Long Beach Economic Benefit Analysis
  • Morro Bay and Monterey, CA, Community Sustainability Plans
  • Morro Bay, CA, 715 Embarcadero commercial Fishing Off-Loading Pier Project
  • Morro Bay, CA, Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Reports, 2011 - 2015
  • Morro Bay, CA, EFP Participant Evaluation Process Facilitator, 2008 - 2010
  • Morro Bay, CA, Morro Bay Boatyard/Haulout Demand Analysis
  • Morro Bay, CA, Port San Luis Commercial Fisheries Business Plan and Industry Analysis
  • Moss Landing, CA, Marine User Economic Development Strategy
  • The Nature Conservancy, CA, Central Coast Groundfish Project Economic and Social Impact Analysis
  • NOAA/ Southwest Fisheries Science Center, CA, Economics and Organization of Community Sustainability Cooperatives
  • Port of Los Angeles, CA, Terminal Island Land Use Plan
  • Port San Luis Harbor District, Harbor Terrace Feasibility Analysis
  • San Diego Port District, CA, Commercial Fisheries Revitalization Plan
  • San Diego Port District, CA, Economic Revitalization Plan
  • San Mateo County Harbor District, CA, Strategic Business Plan
  • Santa Barbara, CA, Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Report