LWC has a thorough understanding of California state housing law, and has successfully worked with 14 jurisdictions on the State certification process during the 4th and 5th Housing Element cycles. LWC has worked closely with City Staff to craft Housing Elements that are uniquely appropriate to a City’s variety of housing types, neighborhoods and downtowns. Our work involves extensive public engagement with the general public and with members of the housing community; results of these outreach efforts are incorporated into the Housing Element updates.

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BENICIA, CA  |  2008 - 2012

LWC was hired by the City of Benicia to update its Housing Element for the planning period from January 2007 to June 2014 (4th cycle). The Housing Element includes a focus on efficient land use patterns and promotes the placement of housing near public transit and services. The goals, policies, and programs in the updated Housing Element incorporate feedback from an extensive public participation process organized by the City and facilitated by LWC.

The public input process included one-on-one meetings with housing providers in the City, a two-day Housing Expo open to the public, and several public meetings and workshops. The Housing Expo included discussions with citizens and citizen groups, City Staff, local housing providers, and a representative from the State Department of Housing and Community Development. The Expo incorporated presentations, small group exercises, and tours intended to give members of the public a wide range of opportunities to learn about the update process and provide input.

View the 4th Cycle report here.

View the 5th Cycle report here.

Affordable Housing Short Sale Policy

Atascadero, CA  |  2011

LWC was hired by the City of Atascadero to create a Short Sale Provision in the City’s Moderate Income Affordable Housing Program (MIAHP). The MIAHP was created in 2005 as an equity-sharing program intended to create home ownership opportunities for moderate-income households. After the subsequent economic recession and drastic changes in the housing market, the City determined that a Short Sale Provision was necessary to clarify how the City addresses situations in which households face foreclosure due to extenuating circumstances.

LWC researched the major factors and conditions contributing to MIAHP participants’ housing situations, fiscal impacts of the short sale Provision, and major policy considerations. The team provided the City with three alternative policies and an analysis of the primary advantages and disadvantages of each option.  Ultimately, the City adopted a provision that provides program participants facing foreclosure with the opportunity to petition for full or partial relief of the amount owed to the City under the Program.

View the report here.

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OJAI, CA  |  June - July 2015

LWC was hired by the City of Ojai to produce a white paper meant to serve as a primer for economic and planning considerations for the City of Ojai as it explores the benefits, costs, and potential actions regarding short-term transient rentals. Short-term transient rental online hosting services such as Airbnb, VRBO, and craigslist enable users to rent out their home, or part of their home, as temporary lodging. Like other components of the sharing economy, these rentals are a recent development and have provoked local governments and community groups to consider the costs and benefits of such property use. LWC helped the City explore this issue to determine an initial course for regulations that would suit its public interest.

In deference to the community and public process prescribed by the City, the white paper did not recommend an ultimate course for policymaking or regulation, but was intended to inform discourse on the subject.

View the report here.


LWC Housing Projects, 2006 - Present:

  • Arroyo Grande, CA, Housing Element Update, 4th and 5th Cycles
  • Atascadero, CA, Housing Element Implementation
  • Atascadero, CA, Housing Element Update, 4th and 5th Cycles
  • Benicia, CA, Housing Element Update, 4th and 5th Cycles
  • Grover Beach, CA, Housing Element Update, 4th Cycle
  • King City, CA, Housing Element, 4th Cycle
  • Livermore, CA, Housing Element Update, 5th Cycle
  • Loomis, CA, Housing Element Update, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Cycles
  • Marin County, CA, Short Term Vacation Rental
  • Ojai, CA, Short-Term Transient Rentals White Paper
  • Pacific Grove, CA, Housing Element, 4th Cycle
  • Pismo Beach, CA, Housing Element, 4th Cycle
  • Richmond, CA, Housing Element Update, 4th and 5th Cycle
  • Tehachapi, CA, Housing Element Update, 4th and 5th Cycles
  • Vallejo, CA, Housing Element Update, 5th Cycle
  • Wallace Group, CA, Topaz Solar Farm Workforce Housing Program: Housing Impact Analysis