LWC has a strong resume in land use planning and zoning codes, with a constant focus on community involvement and economic revitalization. LWC has completed specific plans, zoning codes, and economic studies throughout California, as well as in Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Iowa, and Texas. The firm is experienced and committed to creating policy that enables the implementation of transit-oriented neighborhoods integrated with regional transportation systems. LWC also recognizes that cities face diverse development challenges, including attracting investment, retaining local character and historic resources, and protecting the environment. To this end, the LWC team works closely with our clients to build community consensus on local issues and craft standards that meet community goals.


Zoning Code Update

LOMPOC, CA  |  September 2015 - Present

LWC was hired by the City of Lompoc, a historic agricultural town with economic ties to nearby Vandenberg Air Force Base, to conduct a comprehensive Zoning Code update that implements the recently adopted and progressive General Plan.

The project began with stakeholder interviews and a joint Council/Commission workshop, followed by a Code Diagnostic Analysis and a Preliminary Recommendations Report. The City directed prioritization of the Sign Code, for which LWC conducted an update considering the content-neutral standard set by the Reed v. Town of Gilbert Supreme Court ruling. The Sign Code won the California APA (Central Coast) "Award of Merit for Best Practice" in 2017.

Additional objectives of the Code Update are to preserve and strengthen the unique Wine Ghetto district, modernize existing land uses, create updated development standards that promote economic revitalization, and encourage high-quality infill and mixed-use development. Furthermore, the new Code will be succinct and easy to navigate, where possible using clear graphics, tables, and figures to improve usability. 

Zoning Code UPdate

Tehachapi, CA  |  2012 - 2014

In 2012, LWC was hired by the City of Tehachapi, to lead a team of consultants to create a Citywide hybrid Zoning Code with form-based and conventional elements.

The project scope centered around implementing the City’s 2012 General Plan, which focuses on compact, walkable development with neighborhoods and place-making as the building blocks. One of the primary goals of the General Plan is to refocus on the City’s historic downtown and reduce sprawl development on the fringes of the City. 

The multi-phase project included a detailed Code Analysis, style guide, development standards (conventional and form-based), zoning procedures, form based code testing, and a code training session with City staff. The ongoing communication among the consultant team and the City ensured a seamless transition to use of the new hybrid code following adoption. The updated Code was adopted unanimously by the Tehachapi City Council on October 6, 2014.  Project Managers at the City stated: “the whole process was very well organized, and completed on time—in less than two years—and on budget”.

View the updated zoning code here.

Malibu_Figure 4.10.X_19-Mechanical Vaults.png

Zoning Code Update

MALIBU, CA  |  2011 - Present

LWC was retained by the City of Malibu to conduct a citywide Zoning Code and Local Implementation Plan (LIP) update. LWC worked with Staff to create an update that prioritizes the preservation and protection of Malibu’s unique character and coastal resources, and effectively implements the General Plan and Local Coastal Plan. 

The City is located entirely within the California Coastal Zone, therefore any changes to the City’s zoning, land use, or entitlement procedures must be consistent with the California Coastal Act and approved by the California Coastal Commission (CCC). LWC and the City are working with the CCC to ensure the update and modernization of the City’s Zoning Code and LIP met State requirements and CCC approval. 

Primary goals of the Code Update are to preserve the integrity of coastal communities, accommodate tourist-driven economic development, update standards for hillside and mountain development, and ensure environmental protection. The new Code is succinct and easy to navigate, utilizing intuitive tables and figures.  


LWC Zoning and Ordinance Projects, 2006 - Present:

  • Alameda County, CA, Ashland and Cherryland Business District Specific Plan and Code Update

  • Austin, TX, Land Development Code Update

  • Benicia, CA, Mixed-Use Master Plan and Form-Based Code

  • Benicia, CA, Lower Arsenal Mixed-Use Specific Plan and Form-Based Code

  • Burbank, CA Mixed-Use Development Standard Ordinance

  • Calipatria, CA, Development Code Update

  • Cincinnati, OH, Zoning Code, Comprehensive Plan, and Economic Element

  • Flagstaff, AZ, Zoning Ordinance Update

  • Fontana, CA, General Plan Update and Zoning Code

  • Grover Beach, CA, Zoning Code Update

  • Grover Beach, CA, West Grand Ave. Master Plan and Form-Based Code

  • King, CA, Historic Corridor Revitalization Plan and Form-Based Code

  • Kingsburg, CA, Development Code Update, Form-Based Code and Economic Study

  • Livermore, CA, Development Code Update

  • Lompoc, CA, Zoning Code Update

  • Malibu, CA, Zoning Code and Local Implementation Plan Update

  • Marana, CA, Land Development Code Update

  • Marin County, CA, Development Code Amendments

  • Merced, CA, Bellevue Community Plan

  • Mesa, AZ, Form-Based Code and Regulating Plan

  • Moraga, CA, Moraga Downtown Specific Plan Implementation

  • Pacific Grove, CA, Zoning Ordinance Update and Reformat

  • Pasadena, CA, Form-Based Street Guideline

  • Petaluma, CA, SMART Rail Station Areas: TOD Master Plan

  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Northeastern Sphere Annexation Project

  • Richmond, CA, Richmond Bay Specific Plan

  • Richmond, CA, Liveable Corridors Plan and Code

  • Soledad, CA, Downtown Vision Program, Specific Plan and Code

  • Tehachapi, CA, Zoning Code Update

  • Tiburon, Zoning Ordinance Update

  • Vallejo, CA, Zoning Ordinance Update

  • Westerville, OH, Zoning Code Update